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JFK Blues (Mix3)

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bristles said


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bristles said

Wow! 😯

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Project Ungidos said

The Best Song…

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Lord Sluk said

nice guitar melody, along with the trumpet parts. The natural objects used for percussion added a nice background layer.

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diegesisfreak said

groovy. the horn (s?) really makes this for me. and it makes me think of Voyager drifting off into oblivion…

Guest said

i think youve mad a fan, so far im lovin all your stuff!

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John Boutilier said

A very sweet listen. Nice and laid back. Well put together. I like.


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Chase Manhattan said

this song is awesome. i love the guitar and the wierd scratchy vocal in the beginning. the jfk quotes are good too.

Guest said

Like this one a lot bro! ;)

Guest said

Well cool track, cheers Slap…