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The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co's avatar
The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said

Excellent album varied and interesting, great playing and production … too good!!

Guest said

Great guitar work, excellent recording and studio work. The lyrics are okay, but the one thing missing sorry to say is the voice.

The Jacob Edgar Cooke Band's avatar
The Jacob Edgar Cooke Band said

Excellent guitar work, very cool

Guest said

Great song and wonderful sound!

Guest said

Great guitar playing and feeling to this song!

Guest said

Very good.

Reefwalker's avatar
Reefwalker said

delicate, precise fret play and a classic blues vocal

gerrypearson's avatar
gerrypearson said

Love the Up close and personal feel of the Vocals and Guitar in this song.One of my Favorites!

Guest said

Well done! You can carry it off good, bra

Dave Berry's avatar
Dave Berry said

Nice, real nice.

Memoir's avatar
Memoir said

Very nice guitar work.

Guest said

Great guitar playing! Is it you playing it? Nice tune. Cheers Slap…