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A chillaxed and noodling instrumental with just my acoustic guitar and a tad bit o bass.

Guest said

love these chord progressions with the melodic line G-Mardie

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christopher t nickey said

sweet sweet sweet bossa nova sorta very chill!

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kirklynch said

Really nice one man!

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malpass said

Great melody

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glu said

ah this is the one I was looking for... ahhhhhhhh

Guest said

Yes! But be careful of always writing in the same key... G-M

Guest said

Yes, very nice. Like a commentary G-M

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alloy said

Nice recording by what I can judge from listening by earbuds.

Guest said

Pretty sweet i have a Gretsch G6128T-DSV Duo Jet Martin D-28 which i used in my studio album By the way, how long does it take to summit an itunes rss feed

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Sudara said

Hi Anton, It's an acoustic guitar - A larrivée with a koa back. It has been my best friend since I found it hiding in a music store in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Guest said

I love this song what kind of guitar do you have, acoustic ?

Guest said

smooth listening. very peaceful. cool.

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glu said

Oye! I love this jam! More 'noodling' please!

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Benjamin Wuamett said

if you put up the Tpunkt one, i'll write the next :)


..the wind has picked up and the glass of wine on the table has refilled itself...the song is on repeat...thanks for the great music.

Guest said

Sudara I have a hankering to hear your "song without words". Please upload it! I miss that creaky piano and the kickin riff.

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mrvo28 said

Very nice! I'd like to bring it with me on a road trip.

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mangoz said


Guest said

thanks for your comments on my newest upload,its just a template.the finished version should be up soon(still trying to learn to play guitar-its fun). whats next? is beautiful.reminds me of a bygone time.childhood and innocence, great track.e

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another cultural landslide said

Ahhh...nice and mellow.

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