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Track 1 on the upcoming album.
Unfinished rough draft from March 2012. I envisioned a series of quick solos in the instrumental section — an aural equivalent of "seeing the sights."
Instrumental Acoustic Guitar. Written in 2010 for the wedding of a very good friend of mine, Jason. It was the processional, playing while the wedding crew walked down the aisle. Played it with montgomeru (who also wrote the recessional…read more
Just a simple humble ditty, one of a handful I've been playing on the piano lately. I haven't been in the mood to do much recording in the last months — or more specifically, haven't been in the mood to flesh out and arrange tunes. So this…read more
View the footage with music [at youtube](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQZDRKD8oSA&hd=1) After watching the video of the tsunami devastating the shores of Japan, I couldn't work anymore. So instead I sat down to dedicate a few hours of my…read more
This is a piece written for 37signals, made to accompany a [fun video they did on Letterpress printing](http://37signals.com/svn/posts/2795-a-letterpressed-thank-you) The track is best listened to in context of the video, since it's scored…read more
A typical folk song. Written and recorded in about an hour for the 24 hour album (attempted on March 13th). Excuse roughness and vocal glitches, it was 2am and this was my first full take. Thanks to montgomeru for his chord suggestions…read more
Also known as Cooking With Condiments! A snack. Nothing much of substance in the cupboards or fridge, but doesn't mean you should go without eating.
Poured myself a small cup of acoustic guitar, half finger picking, half ebow. Nothing fancy, nothing magical, nothing fantastical, just something to relax through.
For my friend and coworker, because he certainly deserves it. This song is friends with [song for themcgruff](http://alonetone.com/sudara/tracks/song-for-themcgruff)
Short tidbit written for my boss boss.
First draft. Dedicated to my mother on her birthday. In the outro: Trombone, Horns, Clarinets, Mouthpiece buzz by Andy Hentz (arrsuarez) and organic drum related sounds by Glu.
The first version. This is the first and only song I wrote on [arrsuarez](http://alonetone.com/arrsuarez)'s Christmas gift to me, a mbira that he lovingly crafted by hand. ![mbira](http://img.skitch.com/20090309-qan7jaha9gtbge23e6d3aqh2td…
Fun/Silly song. My first recording with [the Hang](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hang_(musical_instrument\)).
Quick and Dirty memo to self. Crunchy lofi guitar + voice.
Rough and Slow acoustic version of the more poppy [lifeline glu and sudara collaboration](http://alonetone.com/doublemeanings/tracks/lifeline). If you like 4 minutes of the same 3 chords, you'll LOVE this song. Now that I have two microphones…read more
24 hours of music making for 2008. Yup. This is a "Gaiman variation" which means that I stopped at 24 hours and this is what I've got. Not 24 min, but it is a "Noble Failure" You can see my 2007 album [here](http://alonetone.com/sudara…
I do three things after waking up these days: I shower. I make coffee. I play this song and drink my coffee. Nothing complicated. Nothing fancy. Just some basic fingerpicking to test my motor skills and bring some aural sunshine into my day.
This is the first cover song I've ever really recorded in my 15 years of playing and recording. The guitar and voice are each full continuous takes, I didn't want to do comping (copy and pasting), though the vocal harmony parts were done in…read more
A chillaxed and noodling instrumental with just my acoustic guitar and a tad bit o bass.
After an adventure in re-recording the entire song down a third, we came back to the original, tightened and tuned. Always the self flagellating perfectionist, it still needs a bit more love. Always the pragmatist, it is probably done for now.
Sudara does Pop. The vocals/piano are rough as heck, but better early than never. Amazing Drum love from Glu. Backup vox from Marlena Koppendorfer.
Every single sound source on this tune comes from a cheesy 70's Capitol Records promotional record. A great record, mind you, complete with faked dialogues between engineer and producer. At times, it's messy, so hold onto your faders.
Written for/about Ben Montgomery. Answering machine messages wondering where he might be are from yours truly and Jason Biehler, his two closest friends who were always trying to track him down.
The last track I wrote in Santa Fe, New Mexico before moving back to Hawaii.
The first track I wrote upon moving to Santa Fe, NM, before we got the studio set up.
Kimberly Cook is on the vocals. The instrument is the hammered dulcimer.
Written for Adam LaVail and his son.
added a bass. added the chorus, which i'll probably redo. added a bit of an ending. oh, and a smattering of pianer.
Forget the first person, it's time to tell stories.
David DeSoto is on the upright bass fiddle.
Written for my father.
Plucking of the "wrong side of the strings" on my jazz guitar. Rhythm made with an espresso machine. I tried to do 2 main things here: 1) Create harmony with spoken voice, via pitch shifting (Did the first part of the program disturb you…read more
This piece is a typical example of my love for spoken voice. I used to go thrift store hopping and try and collect all tapes and records I could get my hands on that had spoken voice. I used to drive around listening to these, and to christian…read more
Written for an Oberlin production of "Closer"
Written for Oberlin production of "Closer" - metal samples from the oberlin scene shop and produced by Alec Longstreth banging on everything he can find. You can also check out [Driving in Rain](http://alonetone.com/sudara/tracks/39/) which uses…
Quick demo.
Fireworks! Andy Hentz on the bassoon with a breakbeat track and a wonderful father counting out loud for me. What more could you ask!?
Fireworks! Andy Hentz on the bassoon with a breakbeat track and a wonderful father counting out loud for me. What more could you ask!?
My first real attempt at a pop tune, written and recorded in Hawaii.
I had a wish to sing along with Greg, so he offered me a piece of his Cherry Pie to sing along with... I added a few other bits here and there as well. Thanks Greg!!! This was a fun one for me... added some piano and a teeny bit of percussion....
Here's a demo i'm offering up for the band i'm in the Big Bad Dog...Jon put he music together.... i may add a lot better player than myself the first demo i think was Em all the way through that i played him luckly he can see what i'm trying to…read more
The text on this track comes off a B-side from one of [Putnam Aldrich's](http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Putnam_Aldrich) (my great-grandfather) records. He was a harpsichordist, a professor at Stanford, a chain smoker, and apparently had a sense…
My 2007 24 hour album. I did about 18 hours and 18 minutes!
In which I start a new project