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jimgoodinmusic said

Lovely melancholy and lyricism btwn recover and take ii with tongue and cheek intensity in Prayer, all interesting and my first hearings of your music in all this time on Alonetone Sudara. Thanks for this and for what you do in providing Alonetone for all of us with no expectations. Thanks too for listening to my track from Good Friday recently and the kind words. I am in turn and nice to hear what you do as well.

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Emirates said

Beautiful work!

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Thijs said

Well done!

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Manfred Stienstra said


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markus4lonetone said

Ah cool, maybe it’s lightness comes from the bass that moves gradually upward, even though the melody feels sad. Love it! So in terms of the title this makes also perfect sense, even though on the Surface it’s not fun, deep down there is something moving forward. Well that’s my first interpretation in any case.

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markus4lonetone said

Very touching, beautiful, a little sad but feels quite light at the same time for me. Thank you!

Guest said

Really liked this one

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Alec Longstreth said

I love the mood of this one. Listening over and over while coloring...

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