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yoshimura ii


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I’ve been listening to a lot of hiroshi yoshimura.

This is played on my Wurlitzer. The other instruments are a prototype version of the additive synth I’m building where you can control the ADSR envelopes of each harmonic.

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Guitar Music by Tim Brown said

Love this. Straight into my Alpha waves mode.

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Sister Savage said


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markus4lonetone said

Listening to it, while looking out of the window in the train and seeing this cloudy/fog landscape with little spots of blue sky - VERY fitting music. :) Beautiful.

Guest said

subtle depth, sinking ever further. cheers slap x

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childhoodsend said

Very nice blend of 2 instruments. I like the emotional depth of the Wurlitzer melody. I guess the picture reveals how the new synth sound is constructed. Were you using just 6 sine waves?

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Alec Longstreth said

I don't know anything about this stuff, but I can tell there is some beautiful math going on in those sine waves! I also love the colors of that interface too :)

Guest said

Sounds cool!

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