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After a late-night viewing of The Fly, I felt inspired to take some of my DNA and some of Emanate's DNA, throw it into a genetic reconstructor, and see what crawled out. It is: -Bleak -Nuevo-Noir -EDM -More delicious than a thousand…read more
Vocoder that would make Stradivarius smile? Check. Vaguely-unhinged sing-song melody? Check. Kicks like Yellowstone just erupted and mankind is completely fucked? Check. Candy-coated antipathy? More than you can imagine…read more

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John has done a beauty of a backer for this lesser known Zep song of the BBC Sessions album....hope you enjoy i did doing it Thanks John for such a pro backer and mix..........
A noodle that turned into a doodle............Poor old Reg fallen in love with another wayward angel of the night...... THE CLOUDS ARE GOING BLACK The clouds are going Black The clouds are going Black The clouds are going Black she ain’t…read more
Love like a salt river washing away Love's like sunshine evaporate Love like floating candles blowing away Watch out for the way you'll compensate When I've seen all you have to give When I'm still hungry I need more than this Tell me how…read more
This is the first of several songs in a collaboration with Laura Kepner-Adney. Laura has a beautiful voice and a gift for arranging music. It is an exciting project with more to come. Featuring Ryan Anderson on harmonica. Lyrics: As a boy…read more
There are a bunch of bass tracks going on here. Headphones help pick out what's going on. This one came to me leaving Taos on the drive back to Phoenix, coming down out of the canyon. I suddenly became conscious of a disturbing dream from the…

Summer Lungs is the bones of what you’ve been eating. Summer Lungs is the soundtrack to newly-haunted houses. Summer Lungs is the music playing at the last prom before extinction. Summer Lungs is the song you start to hum when you see a pretty girl and get angry. Summer Lungs is Phil Spector’s prison album. Summer Lungs uses DAWs like wheel chairs. Whistle your discontentment. Candy-Coat your Misanthropy. Clearly Canadian is coming back again. Surge is coming back again. The stars are going out.

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