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Evaporate (demo)

Visions of Nell

Love like a salt river washing away
Love’s like sunshine evaporate
Love like floating candles blowing away
Watch out for the way you’ll compensate
When I’ve seen all you have to give
When I’m still hungry
I need more than this
Tell me how to get more than this
We’re only summertime
We’re cold and dead through the winter
Still melting away
Love’s like water evaporate
When every touch is leaking running away
Watch out for the ways I’ll compensate
When I’ve seen all you have to give
But I’m still hungry
I need more than this
Tell me how to get more than this
We’re only summertime
We’re cold and dead through the winter

(Tolar & Savigear 2010)

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Latest Comments

Endicott Road said

I like this. Haven’t heard it before. Sorry I missed it.
Very nice.

boy named bri said

Also awesome.

igor said

Winter is a time for reflection and to prepare to wake up. To revive forces. To thaw out… See - it comes!

Vestigial Remorse said

Beyond beautiful…

Blair Hannah Payne (BHP) said

Another good one guys! Love it. Keep up the good work.

Dave Berry said

There is a real depth to this song. That chorus just takes it over the top. I really, really like this song. Lots of great dynamics.

Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Still Awesome!

vaisvil said

I like this a lot!!

Blair Hannah Payne (BHP) said

Excellent as always! Great job. Love the vocals and guitar work.

sixmilewide said

You guys sound phenomenal together, and this is such an awesome track. Josh you are the body and Tess you are the breath, together your music lives.

brando said

Very nice mix. I’ll have to return with headphones.

corbinSound said

very kool!
love the drum beat you chose everything works together quite fantastically

another cultural landslide said

Dark and moody…very nice!

Rubber said

Peachy Keen! A-1.

Jason Earls said

great melodies, wickedly professional, tasty guitar solo!

kirklynch said

Great job guys! Totally pro sounding stuff

Guest said

WOW! Thanks for all the awesome comments!!

Guest said

Lovely song, music and lyrics. Astoundingly great!
Nice to hear you forward in the mix, I know you shy away from that Tess, but it’s a lot better.
I think you two have found the perfect collaboration partners.

Guest said

Yes! I’m sensing some…prog!

Gumbo said

Peter Gabriel eat your heart out!

Guest said

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! I feel sliiiiightly blown away by Tolar here, but plan to get my revenge at some point. :-) isn’t sure how she’s going to do that

Johnny Stone said

Well it’s all been said before I got here. This is brilliant. You two are great together. A top track in all areas. Casting Red Rules.

Guest said

Muy FNG!!! Excellent chemistry. Very professional musicianship. Yes, I love it too. And yes, I agree with Mark, Wildgeas and Tharek. I need a q-tip - my ears are having a waxy orgasm. Eeew.

Tharek Ali Mokbul said

This Grows into such an amazing mesh of sound!

Freaking Awesome!

Tharek Ali Mokbul said

I gotta say….

“Casting Red”= Killer sound!!!!!

This song is Awesome!!!

launched said

Yes - I love it. It’s full of passion - You both know how to deliver. Fantastic!

The Culprits said

Very compelling! A worthy successor to Grace - close enough to keep the band feel but different enough to stand alone.

Wildgeas Music said

You two FN ROCK!!!

Wildgeas Music said

I’ve been waiting for this. What an awesome chorus. Backups are gorgeous. Music is great.
That was dreamy and deeeelightful.

yelyah said

Love it!

Guest said

@Maleghast - THANK YOU! :-) We’re writing our album at the moment, definitely keep you posted, Sir!

maleghast said

Tess, this is just fabulous! Bravo to both of you :-)
(When will it be up on iTunes?)

Guest said

wow sounds great streaming on my iphone!!! BEAUTIFUL!

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