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Hurley's having dreams


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Here she comes in the April sun
In her dungarees and she’s up for fun
Smiling like she’s a crazy girl
And she makes a face like she owns the place
And she does

We indulge ourselves in creating
A neck of beauty and circumstance
Not to mention her bold intention
To keep the bairn
And she’s only seventeen

Now she’s eight months pregnant
In a dress she’s so elegant
Does a handstand maybe
Oh it’s not good for the baby

Hurley’s having dreams
Little Hurley’s having dreams
And he kicks and then he screams
And I can’t get to sleep
Oh, Hurley, I could weep

Hurley dreams of the time
When he was a horse in Czechoslovakia
Hurley, dear, you’re a human being
Have your fun just now
But you’re gonna have to deal

She looks so fantastic
Little sun specs made of plastic
How she used to love me
Her love goes on little Hurley

This is my cover of an unreleased song from Belle & Sebastian that only exists as a hissing demo recording from Tigermilk times. So if you’ve heard this song before you’re probably a huge B&S fan.

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Gumbo said

Yay! makes me want to jump about!

Guest said

Great song!

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