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The Feels RPM 2

Uploaded .

My second for the 2021 RPM is about a sayong Ning Surasiang one of the Brides on Bride at first sight came up with The feels which is to describe the feeling just before falling in love . Thanks for listening

When I first met you you did nothing to me
As time went on and I got to know you, I started to see
Something in you lady something happened to me
Can you guess what it is now
Cause you gave me such emotion, you gave me the feels

We got to first base second and third but the home run evaded us
By god I did burned
Oh lady
Oh lady did you give me the feels
You made me feels down and dirty baby you gave me the feels

You made me crazy
You made me feel
You gave me
Oh you gave me the feels

The way you move gives me the feels

You shot me down
you knocked me around
My head ain’t thinking I can’t get it of the ground
Oh baby baby you gone and give me the feels
I’m feeling down and dirty think you gave me the feels
Shake it down babe

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Colleen Dillon said

Nice one!! It gives good feels right back...