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The view from the Dining Table RPM 4

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Another for the 2021 RPM what is noticed at the dinner party…..
I can tell you I’m not as blind as you think
I can see you flirting and I noticed that wink
passing the dishes that touch of the hand
This whole dinner party is getting out of hand

I can see the lust behind that look
I see it with my eyes I don’t need no guidebook
He gets up and leaves his seat for a while
You disappear he has you beguiled

The nights only young but the deceit has just begun
Your partner unaware of your trouble and your fun
As he talks to his friends he doesn’t see the web you spun

Poor old Mick if he knew he’d sick
To find that Dan with his bride being so slick
All at the table can see whats going on
But the blind man Mick can’t see whats being done

They are in the foyer kissing, Dan is all hands
Mick is all conversation while its getting out of hand
All at the table can’t believe whats really going on
But they all keep quite as they all play along