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Blank Episode Two Rpm 2016


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BLANK Episode 2

10.(II BELIEVE IN BELIEF) Thetworegs

Finally the plane lands in Geneva safe and sound, My fears have not, they haven’t you know materialized at all, i’m still here , I have not been smothered by the Bulk who just sat quietly next to me stinking and sweating through out the flight. I can now almost relax, and put me feet back down onto Terra firma. I may even kiss it I think to me self . We pass through customs with no problems at all. I’m so pleased to be back on solid ground I vote that we go to the nearest bar and get our selves fully inebriated into the Swiss culture. I sit at the table on the veranda of the bar and order us two beers with schnapps chasers from the waitress, who looks at me a little weirdly. I don’t know why?. She brings the beer and schnapps and leaves us in our conversation. I sit looking down onto the street below and light a cigarette, I catch the waitress’s eye and gestures to her you know, another round of drinks. I can feel the strong beer & the Schnapps rushing through me blood up to me brain like the welcome of an old friend. I feel a session coming on. After another four rounds we leave the bar laughing, ready to explore the city . And I saw the waitress just shaking her head talking to here comprador there and pointing at us as we left the bar stumbling through the door, laughing. I thought, First things first, so we found an hotel. The hotel chap looked at me a bit weird when i booked two single rooms, He asked if i was going to be sole occupant. I mean sole occupant. I told him, no, Reg had just nipped into the Lav. Why he thought i was alone fI don’t know,maybe it was that we only had one bag between us . Any way, We dropped the bag off and went out on the razz.

11.( I DRINK) Thetworegs

After drinking so wildly for so long, something changes in me during the evening. I’m no longer the happy go lucky chappie I was traveling into Switzerland, I’ve become morbid and miserable as the darkness seems to overwhelm me, the more I drink the more bewildered I become. My eyes Redden and become blood shot and their bright Blue irises’ no longer looked beautiful. The pupils are Black, unfeeling pools of hurt. I was no longer in control, the drink had taken over…..again. Anything could and would happen, i slipped through the throng of people, like an oiled snake. Suddenly I’m on the dance floor and i begins to dance to the music with abandon…….and trouble is in the air.

12.(A MILE OF SORROW) Thetworegs &Norm

me mind is Blank, theres no feeling, no thought, and worst of all theres no remorse….

13.(STOP ME) Thetworegs & David

Well, as I lose me self in the music, I manage to annoy everyone else on the dance floor. I was a sight, I mean i must have been with sweat pouring down me face, which I spat out spraying all those in my immediate area with a mixture of spit and sweat as I sang, shouting out the words to every song. The people started to spread out, trying to give me plenty of room. I took this as a sign that the crowd appreciated my dance routine, looking back, nothing could have been further from the truth. I struck a few poses to the beat, punching me arms into the air, shaking me head, the sweat flying of me like a Labrador running out of a lake. The crowd jumped back in unison, to get clear of the sweat globules heading there way. It seemed to happen to the beat , so I took it that they had joined in with me
dance routine, I was gone. I fully let loose now, I was blur of flaying arms and legs I must a looked like a man possessed. Accidentally I caught this brute of a man, he must have been 7ft tall and 5 ft thick on the side of his head with a full slap from me open palm. I didn’t think much of it . But he did, he acted immediately snatching me back by me collar. I didn’t even sense danger I just flew backwards. The brute turned me round and grabbed me collar with both hands and head butted me full in t he face. me nose exploded over me face in a red blooded mess. He felt no pain, just a wetness and a blow that stunned me but now I knew I was in danger, alright. The brute let me fall, letting go of me shirt collar with no follow up blow, big mistake. Which turned out to be his undoing. He stood looking at me with contempt. as I got to me knees, I put both of me hands up to me face, and then I held both of them out in front of himself for a second, seeing they were covered in blood, switched me into survival mode. Amazing the crowd around me, my right hand darted up into the mans groin, and i stood using the bastards balls as support. I snatched my arm down bringing his face to mine, my blood and sweat smeared his cheek as I snatched again, harder this time. I gave a third almighty tug and he fell like a Canadian pine. The bastards friend came over to protect him through the crowd pointing his finger menacingly telling me I didn’t know who I was messing with. so I snatched the his hand and bit his finger as hard as I possibly could and he screamed like a fucking banshee. I let go of his hand and he dropped to the floor clutching his half severed fucking finger. The crowd close to the action stood silently stunned, the music was playing but they all stood silent, sickened by the violence they had just witnessed. They opened up and I walked to the exit and disappeared into the night.


I stood before a huge oak door, and took the the large Loin head door knocker in me hand and knocked loudly. In the state that I was in the door seems to have a life of it’s own it pulses away under the Yellow light of the street lamp. The sound of foot steps echo on marble behind the door, coming closer and closer. The door opens revealing a large foyer and then the night porter appears as if by magic. He takes a step backwards a little shocked by my appearance but tries desperately not to show it. He asks if he can be of any assistance. I just walk by him and stumble up the stairs to me room.

15.(THE DEVIL HOLDS THE KEY) Thetworegs & Vaisvil & Norm

I unlock the door and switch on the light and walk into the room and i’m confronted with a huge mirror in front of me. It makes me take a step back as I see my reflection, I’m shocked. I step closer to the mirror and pear in at me self. My breath mists the mirror. I looks into me eyes into the dead pool of my pupil and can see the replay of me life so far, and it’s not pretty.


I’m startled by a voice belittling me “ i see you’ve had a good night, what poor innocent passer by got it this time, no wonder she left you….she was right too” I turned to snap at who ever it was but couldn’t see them “Why you hiding” “I’m not hiding it’s just if you can’t see me , you can’t be looking hard enough can you ” “ Come on stop the silly game says I and come out i’m too fucked up to be playing your silly games” “Me playing silly games” said the voice “ Don’t you think it’s time you stopped playing them, time and time again i have to lie for you, to you, about you, for you, just to rid you of your guilt from your drunken escapades. You wouldn’t listen to your wife your family not even your poor children nothing has stopped ya, had any effect on your behavior, you’ve become unfeeling untouchable, unlikable is this what you really want from life, can you call it a life that you lead from one hangover to the next never really knowing what the hell your doing.” the voice berated me “ You don’t understand, walk a mile in my shoes before you criticize bastard…no one understands” i replied “It’s not us that need to understand it’s you, that needs to and it’s your needs that suck the life out of everyone around you, it’s you who needs to understand Reg” and with that I turned back to the mirror and locked into my image realizing the voice is coming from me ….coming from me

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