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Boris he lies


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Well Reg was watching the news and he couldn’t believe a word that our great prime minister was saying ….He believes that Boris is actually working against us rather that with us in our battle against the Covid. Reg lives in the North of England and can’t believe the cock up that’s happening with the crisis. He’s started to think Boris is out to get him I mean just because your paranoid doesn’t mean its not happening does it? …… Poor old Reg is confused so he’s doing what he always does when he’s confused, he drinks and writes a song … Stay safe and thanks for listening

I sit and watch the news and I tell you, Boris he lies
He telling us we’ll be ok
He tells us we’re not going to die
And all the while he’s telling us the island’s filling up with Covid to the sky
He tells us not to worry but I think Boris he lies

I tell you Boris he lies

Every day that passes things get really bad
While our man Hancock tells us everythings in hand
Tells us the’ve come up with tiers 1,2 and 3
If we get to 5 its goodbye for you and me
I tell you,
I tell you they all lie

I tell you
he lies

Well Andy Burnham tells us that he’s not going to stop
He’s going to keep working the 20% ain’t enough
He says If they don’t give him money he’s saysManchesters fucked

In Manchester don’t work
their all gonna die

Liverpool are stopping they’ve all stopped dead
Nobodies earning their all staying in bed
Nobodies working so their all starve to death

In Bolton their in each others house their already dead

Here we are again with another North south divide

No test and trace I tell you we’re all gonna die

I tell you Boris and the boys are all fucking fools
What do they do they go and open the schools
Disease the children who disease old
It’s like blind leading the blind with a fucking blindfold

I tell you,Boris he lies

We’re all doomed
we’re all gonna die

I tell you
he lies

I tell you
Boris he lies

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vaisvil said

This is awesome!!

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oldfolks2 said

OH YES .... Do love a good rant ...... Great lyrics ...... ( sorry Reg I'm on the South coast )

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