About "Burn W/ Redler"

Kari was lookin for a collaborator and after listening to the track i jumped at the chance of working with him…Thanks Kari
I hear your voice
through the darkness
i hear your words and they
i see your look
i feel you be
i just want to stop bleeding
Bleeding out my love
Just bleeding out my blood
i see you looking at me, in disgust
i see you looking at me cause you must
i’m on fire
i say stop
i’m on fire
i’m burning up with desire

i can remember yesterday
when my love was unashamed
my love i could not proclaim it
but now
oh but now, my love
i remember yesterday
i remember thinking those days would never end
I wonder
I dream of yesterday
I dream of yesterday
but all i feel is the pain

i feel the flames licking up my body
burning in my veins
taking away my love
taking every last little drop
taking everything i go
taking every little drop
taking everything i go
i burn
i burn
the flames won’t stop
the flames won’t stop
burning up
the flames are running through my veins
you’ve made me burn
you have made me burn
i am ash
just ash
i am ash

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