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I got to thinking about a terrible year i had going back now 18 years where i lost 2 of my best friends Alex and Martin and my father in the same year just months apart. To lose one friend is hard enough but to lose three well you can imagine i was at a loss. I think this song is addressing that loss. ….Thanks for listening


I can hear the sunrise breaking
Its shaking up the room loud
The midnight hour was long ago
Can you hear the dawn
Itching aloud
Yesterday is gone
The new day dawns
The moon cries it’s sorry
as the new day is arrives with the sun

Old friendships that have died
Dancing memories that have lied
All dreams bagged to go
as sorrows song is whispered low

Who is left at the party now
Who’s definitive and true
I have burned down the night again it’s true
To find nothing but a lie
To find I don’t know why
To find its all in my minds eye
I don’t know what to do if I am alone here
I thought you surrounded me
But really there’s only one
And that one is me

Alone on this ride
All direction put aside
A darkness over whelms
I’ve fallen into the wishing well
I can’t see through the darkness
I can’t see why they all had to go
I can’t understand the reason
Why they all had to go
Why they all had to go
Why they all had to go
Why they all had to go

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oldfolks2 said

Tough times ..... always glad music pulls me through ......

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Colleen Dillon said

Beautiful acoustic sound! What a beautiful song to let your heartache out. The emotion is raw.

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