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Sunshine w/ DjBride


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Heres a collab i’ve done with DJBride over on Songcrafters …Dave has put the music together and i’m guilty of the Lyrics & Vocal….we are working on a few more so this isn’t the last you will hear from the pair of us……. Hope you enjoy……
Sunshine (Lyrics )
I opened up the curtains and saw that the sunshine had disappeared
i couldn’t believe it, it was all dark, it was no longer there
so put my boots on
and went outside and thought to myself
there must be something wrong
i couldn’t see the sunshine,
it seemed like it was all gone
gone gone
all there was was moonlight
that just didn’t seemed sit right no more
all i wanted to find was your love, out there by the open door
all i found was darkness
a darkness i couldn’t abide
i couldn’t feel anything
there was nothing down deep inside
i wanted to find your love
i wanted to feel it, hold it tight
i want to be with you, out in the sunshine, out in the sunshine, yeah
out where its bright with the good, but somethings gone wrong
somethings gone wrong and i don’t know, but somethings not quite right within you

i think our love is rotting away

without the sun its just rotting away

somethings gone wrong with our love, i don’t know what but i feel it’s rotting away
i think it rotting away cause you haven’t loved me since the early days
when all i want to feel is the sunshine so help me try and find myself a ride
out to, where, the sunshine hides,outside in the open skies, out into the summertime where the sunshines, where we can be ourselves
where we can love and everything everything will feel alright
everything will be just ok
everybody knows that it should be that way
if we could only believe, just for one more hour, one more day
i could believe. we could see the sunshine
we could believe we could feel the sunshine

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Haltia said

Great job both of you! Gentle 90's vibe!!

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