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Tomorrow is another day


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Poor old Reg is off to rehab again …maybe this time he’ll learn

Tomorrow is another day

It was Wednesday in the car on the way to rehab
The family they were crying in the street goodbye
As the car pulled over a man in white
said hey is it true that your still a little high ?”
As the dark day started to drift to nothing
the dark started to fill the sky
The man in white said how do you do
Would you like this little pill to help fill your dreams
I said thank you, I hear a dream, is a very special thing
I closed my eyes and started to dream
As my mind started to close in
Then I heard a holy choir, began aloud to sing
The angel with the dirty smiling face
Said “Hey you’ve been doing wrong”
I said “i’m sorry, should I get on knees to pray”
She said “Don’t worry cause tomorrow is another day “
tomorrow is another day

Everyday drifted slow
Every nightmare was real
I clawed the door to be let go
But nobody heard my squeal
I let go of my inner disgust
I sat and I howled
I stood finally on my own two feet
I was standing proud
Suddenly the clouds opened and the sky, it smiled
The sky smiled
The sky smiled
The sky smiled

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slkrell said

Good one Reg

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Andrew Russe said

Oh yes. Like this a lot.

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oldfolks2 said

I feel there should be a stage show to follow .... Love it ....

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