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wild horses

tim mcfate

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i am thinking about words tonight
they can be hard as nails
they-can be as shapeless as water
they can break your heart
they can hang like a chain
hold you up for years
cause you to think twice
take away your fears
you are falling in love
standing in the kitchen
thinking about nothing at all
refrigerator running
light bulb humming
wishing you would call
it is snowing out west
you ask me how i am doing
and i say im am doing my best

wild wild horses
could not drag me like you do
and i love i love i love i love
i love wild horses too

kiss me in the morning
wake me if you dare
take me with your fingers
tangled in my hair
i drink your nectar
lying on the kitchen floor
wrap your arms around my shoulders
i want to give you more

wild wild wild horses
are living in my bed
and i love i love i love i love
i love wild horses i said

the sun strikes the tv at mid day
blankets the kitchen with streaks
the back yard is in shade by morning
cold wild dries out my cheeks
the full moon is brighter
i just cant hide her
i just cant hide her
i just cant hide her
im falling in love

Movement To Contact's avatar
Movement To Contact said

Very nice lyrics.

oldrottenhead's avatar
oldrottenhead said

great sound loving that voice. as we say in scotland "braw tell yer maw" magic.

Guest said

Tim, great song! Sorry I am late at listening to it. Great words too!

Uncle's avatar
Uncle said

Real comfortable feel. Nice performance.

kerikino's avatar
kerikino said

tom waits.. look out!

Thoughtcrime.'s avatar
Thoughtcrime. said

Hey, I noticed you listened to my stuff. Thanks, I figured I'd check out some of your music as well. Great stuff, are you an RPM-er as well?

Gary Fox's avatar
Gary Fox said

I like this Tim, I can actually hear the sun coming up in this song.

Spooky Garcia's avatar
Spooky Garcia said

Great acoustic guitar sound. Do you use condenser mics for acoustic? I like the lyrics and harmony vocals also.

am/fm dreams's avatar
am/fm dreams said

hey...great song...i uploaded the words to heartfull of holes for's no Lord Byron

Drew's avatar
Drew said

warmly sentimental, gooey with sincerity. bravely taking back an intimidating subject. gutsy stuff.

Guest said

Nice tune Timman.Can't help but think of Wilco...which is a good thing in my ears.Godchaser says you're missed at MJ's.

rob mills's avatar
rob mills said

Nice n mellow. Reminds me a bit of Fred Eaglesmith's more laid back stuff (check out his cd Milly's Cafe - I think you'll like it)

Guest said

thanks for your comments. i hope to be more active on alone tone next year when i have my own computer. tell me a little about your recording process. peace brother

Guest said

You didn't hear back? Wow, sorry. That doesn't sound like me. :-( Loving your laid back style. Very cool music, Tim.

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