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Three different versions of a similar line created using the onboard sequencer on a Roland SE-02. the different voices were created by changing settings on a Casio DH-100 digital horn attached via MIDI, and playing the horn. Submitted to Sound-In “Sometimes a song is so new…” for 11-18/1/2024.

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Newbold said

I kinda think that there is a lot more to learn about playing a saxophone 🎷 than what the Casio DH-100 would teach me.. although it was released in 1988 .. it's cool yours still works.. and quite well at that.. with a saxophone my problem is the wood reed buzzing that tickles my whole face.. I don't get that with my trombone.. but saxophones and clarinets the reed buzzing was very hard for me to make happen.. gosh I have over shared yet again lol 😆

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jimgoodinmusic said

Awesome detail Jim that occasionally has a frequency simulating vibration of the iPhone alert! Like the pixel like top voice that is waltzing in random.

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vaisvil said

This is the most unique use of a DH-100 that I know of!

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