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You're All Around Me

Trevor Lewis

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I was not among those
who cried
the emperor has no clothes
I believed
(I still believe)

The lights and the colours of this city are deceiving
but they were never meant to be
to be believed
They’re meant to be seen
(To replace the night)

Will I ever
awake from this dream?
Were you sent by an angel
to awaken me
or are you
the very best part of this fantasy?

You surround me
You’re all around me

Mirrors are frightening
fill the room to the brim
with all that we bring

Windows are scary
inviting us out
into brave new worlds

What you and I have seen is incomparable
Can we be
spiritual kin?

Though I try
I cannot part the waters
with what I’ve been given
by our mothers and fathers

With a little touch
of divinity
together we’re inspired
to push ourselves higher

You surround me
You’re all around me

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Dave Berry said

Great song Fuzz. That bass rumbling away there is moving my brain. This song just moves me.

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