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Entrance No 1

Uploaded .

Evan guitar
Mike keyboard
Steve bass
Paul drums
Chris lead guitar

(by the above listed musicians)

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Newbold said

I agree Big sounds very powerful music... and lead.. excellent work everyone :) Chris with that intro to the entrance exam besides not knowing you had put this song/and title out there ... really :) I it was created with novation's supernove midi's outs into the motif rack.. and then just working thru the presets already made on the motif rack with the programed by me presets on the supernova II :) and then out to the korg xl micro.. but this is all power you guys have made here... very nice..

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richardlaceves said

what fun!,, this is very atmospheric,, like it

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Sister Savage said

Big sound!

Guest said

You guys were a great band. This recording has bags of atmosphere. Listen to Steve going for it. Fab!