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The Battle of Layfayette Square

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Antoinette plays keys, Anonymous plays drums, Evan is guitar left, Chris is guitar right (sorry I was a jerk and too loud) - This dates from 1977 when I was a classical major and Antoinette a piano major. Even though this improvisation was from so long ago it seems to fit the narrative. Preserved though a minor miracle from an ancient cassette. Track 2 of the EP

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Greg Connor said

Great interpretation! ( I have typed and erased several times and now . . . . I'll just leave it at that)

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Colleen Dillon said

Wow!!! It totally does fit the narrative of Lafayette Square...

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Andrew Russe said

I'm about to get called into a zoom meeting for work... I'll be back for the rest after

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Andrew Russe said

I've always imagined you younger than me. But if you were doing this in 77 (I was 14 and in a choir, and writing songs about Garden Gnomes), then obviously not! This is mighty cool stuff for back then... wow