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A Cast of Billions with Norm Harris


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A good friend and percussionist Norm Harris contributed percussion to this track – A Cast of Billions - so I ripped out all of the midi percussion and used Norm’s percussion, added a track where I speak Evan’s poem and did some remastering. Here is the result – best version yet IMHO. The track is in 17 equal

A Cast of Billions, poetry by Evan K. Harrington, Percussion by Norm Harris, Music in 17 equal by Chris Vaisvil

I made a conscious effort to try to sound different from 12 equal and compose music that was quite microtonal. In memory of Evan Harrington.
online play (of all 3 versions)

direct download

A Cast of Billions

on the dispassionate shore
on the longitude of recursive naught
on a formal lacidity overlooking the deep end
of your swimming pool of thought
and wherewithal without, I am a native
of the repository of selfless abandon
and you a radiation of the contemplative
comb which filters the streaming random
fractured days of redundant indiscipline
cannot weight against the globes
stalwart artists can pencil in
orgasmic frenzies of the lobes
where camouflage rages gain
if we love it is from fear
but that is nature’s game
returning from detouring years
applaud the cast of billions
for the splendid production
in all of its revisions
in all of its conduction
all of this amorphously to say
we’ve still not drained the pool
although it’s often murky
and quite the abode of fools

EKH 4/14/92
Recorded in Sonar X1
17 note per octave electric guitar (2 tracks)
Washburn fretless bass
Norm’s many percussion pieces.

Guest said

Love the Eastern flavours you're cooking with more and more these days - great stuff from El Norm also.

thetworegs's avatar
thetworegs said

Back for another visit loving this

richardlaceves's avatar
richardlaceves said

i hear a music of, long vistas, desolate but beautiful landscapes,, weither it is internal or external, i can not be sure... Chris, this very will done, on many levels R

kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

Quite the trip! Wonderful groove!

Guest said

Love the music, flavours of Istanbul. Cool perc. there Norm!

thetworegs's avatar
thetworegs said

A fine Asian feel great percussion. Liked it a lot ......

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