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Casting Ballots


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a layered song in “normal” tuning but strange modes in a band format.

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kavin. said

@Andrew Russe: very perceptive. Yeah I had to listen twice to appreciate the thoughtful layering of guitars, which I actually didn’t use in my remix because the mix would’ve been too crowded. This has been an almost constant earworm this week but I don’t mind!

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Andrew Russe said

Yep... didn't comment, did I? "Cool sounds" :) But now I've heard the lap-steel addition on Kavin's remix, I appreciate this one more than I did at first... very cool sounds. Raises an interesting thought for me... how we can see/hear through others eyes/ears, we can have ours "opened" by someone else's re-expression of a thing... when I first listened to this, it was "OK" for me, I saw Newbold's comment and thought "yeh, well" ... but hearing Kavin's addition gave me an "in" to this track... listening now I can hear/experience what he and Newbold heard first up.

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Newbold said

mostly pretty blending of nice sounds. :) so great I can hear this in a loop just on and on--

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