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Centaur's Pasture


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jpeg is Centaur 2 by SnowSkadi

A while back Kraig Grady, the author of the JI tuning “Centaur” asked me to transpose my piece Centaur’s Pasture composed in his tuning to different “keys” in order to hear the different character each transposition would have. Being short on time I only present a handful of transpositions, original, semitone, major 3rd, tritone, and fifth. Kudos to anyone who listens to them all!

Online play and download can be found here:

Or direct download

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Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

Beautiful mate very cool.

Guest said

really dig this one:)

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Movement To Contact said

Eventually I WILL get to all of them. ;) as for this one, it is pretty stunning. One of those tracks that draws you in.

Guest said


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cuthbert said

A real beauty.

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richardlaceves said

very nice

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johnosullivan said


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kirklynch said

Had to come back for another listen. Really gorgeous piece, but oddly enough I keep wanting to hear it in equal temperament!

Guest said


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KraftiM said

beautiful decemberpiece

Guest said

What a gorgeous piece. Now, that's lovely!

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