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Goodbye quiet citizens

Vlad & Me

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This was my 2nd song for the ukulele. I wrote it in a time where I wasn’t quite happy (as you might hear from the tone of the song), and was struggling a little bit with some things that I felt I couldn’t quite express. So here it all is, in metaphorical / lyrical / musical form. Enjoy.

Goodbye Quiet Citizens (2012 - Vlad & Me)

Once upon a time,
I dreamt that I was dreaming,
And sleeping while I’m sleeping,
And in my dreaming weeping
For the sun that lost its shine
The moon that wasn’t mine
The day that wasn’t ours
In those steeping ivory towers
Look down across these lands
Inconsistent shifting sands
Grains drifting through our hands
In Once Upon a Time

In a lazy crimson haze
Silken fabric of our days
And blackened lonely nights
And winding circling fights
The greyness of the skies
And words that once seemed wise
Now falling on deaf ears
Compounding all our fears
Goodbye quiet citizens
Your silence I oppose
We watch the earth go round and round
To what end no one knows

Oh what’s my end,
Oh what’s your end
No one knows
No one knows

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