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Shafts of Light


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So there I was, trying hard to complete a big production that I’ve been working on for ages, and I was getting nowhere. In frustration I started composing this little thing, and it quickly evolved into a nice piece of music all of its own. Funny how things can work out sometimes. :)

This marks the first time in ages that I have started composing a tune AND finished it all in the same day. The first time since… oh, the nineties, surely. About time it happened again, I guess!

My old pal TiLT describes this as a mixture between Enigma and Xerxes, and I think I agree.

All comments, criticism and reviews are very welcome! :)

Image is taken from Richard Box’s awesome art installation “Field”. Check out some of his other work too, it’s brilliant!

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void said

Thanks for the comments! Yeah, reefwalker, the "vocals" are in fact a great voice-like synth in Reason. But I HAVE actually hidden a sample of real laughter somewhere in the mix. Props to anyone who can find it. :P

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Norm said

Very nice!

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kirklynch said

Beautiful! Great sounding mix as well!

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launched said

Yes - I dig it!

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Reefwalker said

vocal samples (?) seeded within this song are cool. drums and keys are perfect.

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