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The Vicissitudes Of A Creative Life

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Inspired by and in collaboration with My First Dictionary, Ali Kilpatrick & John LaSala waltz their way through the ups and downs of a skipping rope of death. In triple time!

Visit / the vicissitudes of a creative life for the rest of the story.

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John LaSala said

Interesting idea, Norm! I too can't wait for "Vicissitudes" to debut on on Broadway. There should be lots of sing, dancing, and strangulation. Mike Nichols will direct. (He did Spamalot.) Sebastian Bach will star. The jump rope number will garner accolades from on high, winning the show a Tony for Choreography. Yeah, I cannot wait! Meanwhile, send producer inquiries my way. :D

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Norm said

Wonderful! I can't wait for the Broadway Show!!

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Colin Garvey said

Bonkers! Love it.

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