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Winters tale of woe part 1 & 2

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This is the last song on The edge of Winter but it is not finished there is another part yet to be written …

Winter’s tale of woe : Part 1 - The end of winter. Part 2 - The last snowstorm

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thetworegs said

Conjures a number of images and stories I like how you wash in each new part of the tale ....throughly enjoyed

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Radio Roswell said

I can definitely see this as a movie soundtrack. If snow had a sound.

Guest said

Are we heading into a nuclear winter? Nice stuff Old grey. (8:15 mark had me sanding my boods in the sahara) -Wrinkled Shirt

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Greg Connor said


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Andrew Russe said

Yeah, like this a lot.

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Pat Bondy said

Nice track! Looking forward to part 2.