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Montreal (Mixed) (Matt Ferrara cover)

will of the sun

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Recorded and mixed (very quickly and sloppily) on the evening of 4/28/2023 for the “30 Day Songs” project. Everything was recorded on one take. The guitar is out of time at some places, vocals are pitchy and terrible. I wanted so much for this to be good… apologies to Matt.

“Montreal” written by Matt Ferrara, from his album Fall and Fade.

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Letter Seventeen said

Wow. this is really quite good, Wilsun. You don't give yourself enough credit.

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Matt Ferrara said

No apologies—that was awesome. Nailed the middle 8. Got the St. Denis lyric (I always wondered whether it was intelligible or not). The slower tempo evokes the heartache better than the original, and sweet baby Jesus was that falsetto great. The one take approach makes it immediate, like a text message, which is kinda what the song was built off. I’m touched. Thanks for a much-needed cheer-up.

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