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Radoe Shakur

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You can hear the radoe of her stride as she progresses to the center of the room of cages; a room where perilously those that had been stricken with a poor lot in life or had made a deal that went southside pride; the mages in their cages looking anxiously to see what trifling deals she was carrying for them to become ever more worsened by the confines of their domociles; she will seize on opportunities to bring a real rage to bear to pages of the doomscrollers collective; a rage that turns the page before the books of castors spelled asunder rage, that page of questioning authority, cages of the castors are the mages spelled asunder then, the trickery of living working praying dying in a horrifying variation of what some folks call the Company Store, but others just live in silence, hoping that whatever she is, there are no more.