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my irish guy 20100317


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Oh, I had such big plans for this song. Acoustic guitar, tin whistle, maybe go and drag the bagpipes out of storage (cough, or as the case really would be: fire up Logic, so I can use an external plugin).

I went to storm spotters training instead.

So all I really had time for, was to finish writing the lyrics and do a one take vocal.

On the plus side, surely tonight’s training will help with my upcoming song “Tornado Warning” (Full disclosure: I started the song last Spring, so “upcoming” really means nothing in my world.)

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Norm said

This is adorable!

Guest said

LOL. funny

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Wildgeas Music said

We Irish ignore anything that we can't drink or punch. :D

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Gumbo said

Lol Happy belated Paddy's Day Sláinte

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