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reverse hypnosis (2002)


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You know those people who like to break out the family photos or something of that sort with which to bore their guests? This is my version of that.

Most of what makes this song special to me is for all the same reasons that you won’t share the same appreciation of someone’s vacation photos as for the person who actually went on the vacation: I lived this one.

I vaguely remember this being the first full song that I did in Logic 4 after I had sorted out the environment entaglement issues with my Alesis QS7.

If the file dates are to be believed, this song was born in the wee hours of the morning on January 16th, 2002. And this rendition of the vocals was done in 2003.

But what’s most interesting to me is how many things showed up in this song that are so in line with my current music. Such as:

tongue in cheek lyrics? CHECK
self deprecating humour? CHECK
fake Irish accent? CHECK

I’d like to update this one someday especially given the sound quality issues (accidentally bounced the instrument track in mono, no plosive control on the vocal, distortion towards the end of the song, etc.), but I think it would require reinstalling an old copy of Logic since it’s a file saved in v4. Furthermore, it would require breaking the Alesis out of storage.

Someday though. And then we can see if I’ve learned anything in 7 years.

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Norm said

Good heavens you have a lot of great tunes...

Guest said

Wow love the dizzy music!!

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glu said

woah! loving this one! I do not feel one bit like a bored guest looking at your old vacation pictures. I'll dig around for something to rework if you 'update' this one, as you said you'd like to do! :D

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