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solo piano 20100326


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Le grand conundrum. How do you simultaneously improv a melody in your right hand while trying to teach your left hand a new harmonic pattern that it doth not know?

I look at people like Gabriela Montero and wonder how on earth did they ever get to the point that they can flawlessly improv like that. And I’m even trying to go for something much simpler with pattern-based improv, whereas the pros seem to be able to play any old thing they want in their left hand.

So the story behind this song, is that I was doing it hands separate. But I hate hands separate. I feel much more… connected when I can improv both hands at the same time.

So I decided to go for it.

So though the left hand pattern was supposed to stay the same, it definitely got jumbled as my brain cried out for mercy.

Assembled from two live, non-click-track takes. Merged together, but otherwise left as-is.

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