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caught in the act


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Some blues/boogie fun.

Ain’t no fun
It’s a well known fact
When you’re with the wrong woman
And caught in the act

Sworn to secrecy
We even made a pact
But didn’t matter
We were caught in the act

Been watched and followed
Traced and tracked
Coitus Interuptus
Both caught in the act

A sucker for a woman
Well stacked and racked
Sucker for punishment
Caught again in the act

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oldfolks2 said

Oh yes ... my kind of Blues ....... down and dirty ..... Love it ....

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Andrew Russe said

Just flip 'er over and play it again (this time with the volume even louder).... Love the vocals too.

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Andrew Russe said

What a fabulous harp tone. And the guitars. And the bouncing bass. And the piano. WOW the break is fabulous - some Rory-ish slide and then that harp SHINES. And the out with the boogie-woogie and clean guitar. Oh. My. Goodness. This is SO good.

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thetworegs said

Caught this one this morning got the blood pumping loving that harp well in fact loving the whole thing the interplay between piano guitar and that wonderful harp

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