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Blissful Nothingness (RPM)

A Bit More Better Productions

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When I lay me down to sleep
Don’t send me to heaven
Cos heaven knows it must be busy up there
& I’ve never been one for crowds
I’d sooner go to hell if the people there didn’t talk as loud.

And while we’re on the subject
Why’s 2 options all that we get?
I’m gunning for the third on the list
A little place I call, blissful nothingness.

Was Tommy ever really doubting
Or was he concerned about
After-life overcrowding
Perhaps he wanted a place that was his
Perhaps he felt after the shit – he deserved it

And if your life is
black and white with
no lines blurred
For Jesus’ sake

With good ones upstairs
And bad ones downstairs
What about the rest of us who make mistakes?
What of our fate, Once we’re out of date
Stuck between the stair gates, I don’t know
But I dream

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