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Blues Instrumental #1

A Bit More Better Productions

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Little instrumental bluesy number at request of Tess and Bethan… later the backdrop to comedy/blushes

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lam said

I like your style, a little "Beatles and BB King mix, very different.

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Gary Fox said

While it's great hearing Bethan and Tess fawn over you, I must say, this is a great track by itself. I love the keys and the slide work.

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Johnny Stone said

Nice mate very nice

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kirklynch said

Gotta love a good blues tune!

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yahondu said

gotta love a sophisticated blues wi9th a classy attitude! thanks!

Guest said

It's official, Tess and Beth love it. Aready got the melody sussed. Played it to T ess over the phone - totally up for it. Oh, I love bluesy stuff. Thanks Alex xx

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