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A tune composed late in 2009, i’ve released it as well as other two tracks and some photos from a friend of mine as a micro-ep recently for free! Enjoy!

This is using a tuning I borrowed from The Smashing Pumpkins, which goes E-A-D-G#-B-E. Not sure what that particular tuning is called, but it creates an interesting shift in your chord shapes.

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c}{imps 8 my ears said

Reminds me more of a ear romp with satriani or eric whatshisname cliffs of dover. pretty epic when it gets going. I hear a simpler indie sound in the beginning, but hear it melt away after the bridge. but once again i also appreciate the drum programmin

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Reefwalker said

I cant help but think a bit of kings of Leon when the guitar kicks in. Nice tune !

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vaisvil said


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alphaalpha said

Thanks you all for the listen, Im glad you enjoyed it! Getting some great feedback and its very exciting! @kirklynch: It isnt much of a change out of standard, as I said, but i found this little shift on the G -> G# really does add a nice accent. I'll post some other songs where I use this tuning so you can all see some other adjustments this tuning makes!

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Rick Phillips said

very catchy!

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Norm said

Way hip!

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kirklynch said

I'll have to try that tuning myself. Nice sounds. Like the energy!

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corbinSound said

guitar riff is siick love the raw attack

Guest said

i like the rhythm you got going with the guitar. Your style is cool....very original

Guest said

Good one.

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