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another cultural landslide

track 1 of last days last days…

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KCsGroove said

dig the guitars and the vocals!
cool song

Justin Otter Guy said

Came back for another helping of this far-too-groovy jam. I noticed that Edmonds Makes Noise noted a Frank Zappa-flavored funk in this recording, and I must agree. It truly is an awesome production. Rock on!

Johnny Stone said

Thanks for your comment

Johnny Stone said

Thanks for your kind comment

Johnny Stone said

This is cool

Edmonds Makes Noise said

Dis some frank zappa funkkkk I really like your audio mix too

Justin Otter Guy said

Far too groovy – Rock on!

Guest said

I write spiritual songs myself, please check them out.

Cave Street said

Dig it!

Guest said

Provocation inspirational, or mockery, suitable for ears accustomed to little things.

James Michael Taylor said

Love the laughter. The funky rawness.

Robert Palomo said

Well, to a simple banjo player it’s kinda like gettin’ caught in a metal hailstorm. But it rocks, and the lyric snarls. I like it.

Songs From Nowhere Project said

I like it! Awesome music, great great great lyrics! Well done!

richardlaceves said

wow!! im just beginning to listen to this ,, nice ,, fine piece,,, your music is always so Much more than music….judging from this,, you 2 work/think so well together,,,, very very nice r

Nick P said

great song!

jip said

ooo love the bass, mix of voices too

another cultural landslide said

Just like to say, heartfelt thank you for all of your kind comments! k&w

Guest said

A most impressive start guys!
Brilliant, love it!
Cheers Bethan

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