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Armoured Cars

Anthony Sweet

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This song was written for a festival of Peace that took place in St. Catharines, On, in June of 2008

geowesh's avatar
geowesh said

Magnificent, Anthony. This lyric is brilliant.

Guest said

Still just as good as when I heard it the first time. Maybe even better...

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Sandy Gritt said

I really like this...very passionate and well recorded...this is a powerful song.

Guest said

So sad and realistic, but yet beautiful in its own way.

Folly's avatar
Folly said

can you do no wrong lol?

kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

Great lyrics and a great song!!

therobbiejayband1's avatar
therobbiejayband1 said

great song excellent vocal delivery

dwalsh's avatar
dwalsh said

excellent production, nice and clear and the reverb on your voice is perfect

Guest said

great song! i love it! Adam Bogan aka SHROOM

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jennifer said

Athony, your music is so, so beautiful.

Oh My Goodness's avatar
Oh My Goodness said

so good it makes me pout.

jennifer's avatar
jennifer said

More from Anthony! Sweet. I could drink a bottle of your voice.

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