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Aurora 19 (reimagined)

rob mills

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My version of the fantastic Sister Savage/Gary Fox tune. Not as good as the original but I had fun! Thanks to Tess for helping out with the lyrics

Guest said

Hey! You're back! Are you RPMing? Nice to see you here! Tess

Guest said

Sounds awesome in my car too. I tell my passengers that I wrote this song, and they all think I'm lying. It's worrying, but also pretty flattering! :-)

kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

Great version! Well done!

Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

Great mate really dig it.

Letter Seventeen's avatar
Letter Seventeen said

This is about 24 kinds of cool. Well done.

Guest said

yes!!!!! Awesome!!!

Gary Fox's avatar
Gary Fox said

This has kind of a cool Revolver goes country feel to it. Nice work Rob. Cheers, Gary...

Guest said

<3 this intensely.

Guest said

I love your interpretation of this savage song. Your chorus rocks! Oh my God! Ha

Gumbo's avatar
Gumbo said

*BIG GRIN* that's a very catchy chorus you got there, Rob Brill!

The Culprits's avatar
The Culprits said

Great upbeat version! -M

Guest said

This is an excellent version RM.

Guest said

Haha, slight reimagining of the verse lyrics too. :-) Damn my slurring! :-)

Guest said

Oh squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! You have punked my 'Rora! LA LA LOVE IT!! OH!!! MARACAS! YEAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see you dumped Liz Taylor, yeah, I can understand that. I kind of prefer your middle 8. :-)

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