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Hard Drive Home thetworegs w/ Billy Jack

Billy Jack

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Vox-Lyrics by thetworegs, music by Billy Jack


the clouds form

the sun has gone

the rain begins to falls

what was it

what did it i do

what turned our love into stone

what makes me listen to the love songs on the radio

every hour every minute of the day the love songs play away

full of pain, oh i don?t want our love to go that way

i never understood the words of a love song till you?d gone

i never understood how the words could make you feel so wronged

now the rain falls down and smudges over the screen

all i hear is the words of the love song they make me scream

i miss you

now i?m lost and alone without love to hold

oh it?s gonna be a hard drive to get down this road of pain

now everything i love or want is gone, yes its gone

i?m having to drive on this lonely road,

oh it?s gonna be a hard drive home

Down this road of the wronged

now your gone

now your gone

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EMO Adi said

Nice singing, very emotive. I can get into this music.

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Andrew Russe said

This thetworegs/Billy jack pairing works really well. Love the riff in the verses on this one.

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