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The End of Love (thetworegs/Billy Jack)

Billy Jack

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Music by Billy Jack (song “Long 24th” from RPM2012 album), lyrics and vox by thetworegs.

The End of Love (Lyrics)

She said she was a dreamer
So why did she lie
She told me she loved me
I had to ask her why
She couldn’t look me

straight in my the eye
Her back was turned as she waved goodbye
The sun dropped behind the moon
All the lilies, the lillies started to bloom

the darkness inside my mind
made this torture real alive
Was it true
Was she really in love with you
Yes you
how could you to this
Be true
Be true
How could she love you
You my friend what is it what you do

We were tender we were young
When this story begun
Your flower was upon your stem
There was no stench, there could be no end
It was love
Sweet love
it was love
sweet love
But now its all gone
I’ve lost my love
I’ve lost my friend
I’ve lost my love
I’ve lost belief
is this the end
This is the end my friend
The end of love

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Andrew Russe said

This is fab... Excellent vocal, and I love the guitars

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Nick P said

Very cool....

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Roger M. Harris said

20 out of 10 guys. Adore it

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terrysongs said

pain is always a great motivator .

Guest said

Smokin... simply... Smokin

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