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I Sleep at Your Parties

Brett Warren

and I still sleep at your parties, if that’s what you think

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Guest said

This was a really great track. Dazed and mystical. The vocals remind me of “Within You Without You” from Sgt. Peppers. Nice work.

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Brett Warren said

Thanks, man.

Guest said

Your a poet, and you know it! I love this track……… nice bass work. Cheers indeed.

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Nightmoth said

I especially dig the bass line. Digging the vocals as well. A fabulous compilation of sounds. Your musical taste is delightful. Much like the late, Psychedelic ‘60s – delicious!

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odh said


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Brett Warren said

Thanks, Tess, for the millionth time. and Facemask and ShaPink, I appreciate the comments.

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Sha-Pink said

You sound like early Perry Ferrell, who are you influences?

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facemask93 said

This excels Brett , modern day psychadelia

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