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Pop Skull Sings So Sweet

Brett Warren

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You’re so sweet… you’re so ****ing sweet

unused Passager track

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Brett Warren said

Thank a lot xeenapaul and beetlespin. And thanks for the CAB explanation, Bethan. Yeah I think maybe the YMCA is the closest thing we got in the US, ha.

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laupaneex said

great songs!

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Brett Warren said

Hey, thanks Norm and Vaisvil! I don't get out that way too much, but it sounds like you probably have a nifty guitar collection.

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vaisvil said

Normal IL - tantalizing close to Urbana where musicians are turned to the darkside of microtonality. Come, let me show you the power of a 19 note per octave guitar! Seriously - if you are interested at all you may want to make the drive.

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vaisvil said

like the indie vibe on this one!

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Brett Warren said

hell yeah

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Reefwalker said

buck fifty - not bad,. worth sliding in at 850 AM

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Brett Warren said

thank you sir

Guest said

the best song

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