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Broken Chair by Simon and Carbuncle.

Brian Bazeley

Uploaded .

Simon and I have spent a bit of time on this hope you enjoy. We had fun creating it.

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Greg Connor said

My Feet are tapping!

Guest said

:D hahah amazing! :D I love it.

Guest said


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danibal said

haha, cool a jew's harp. you've got my attention with that. nice flow in you're song!

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sig076 said

ROCK ON!!! \m/

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Norm said

Very tight! More jaw harp! Love the guitar riff and bass. Sorry about your fall, but at least your only chair broke the impact a bit. Can't wait to see the video.

Guest said

Oh, I could just eat that tempo! Yummy, you Cornish boys! Proper job my ansom's!

Guest said

Great groove! Fab mix and performances!

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Movement To Contact said

Good job one this one!

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Keith Landry said

REALLY clean work here! Great production quality on this track, Brian!... And clearly a great deal of time was spent on this... And the fun created truly does come through. Well done!

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