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WonderWander by Movement to Contact

Brian Bazeley

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Just added a bit of chugging bass. Hopefully it will add a little to this brilliant track.

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richardlaceves said

I agree this is a brilliant track,,, and i like what you have added, yes Louis feast is a good way to put it R

Guest said

Very cool riffage here, boy!

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Movement To Contact said

Good job man!!! I was not really in time when i recorded it, just got the beat stuck in my head, so you did amazing following with the bass. REALLY LIKE IT!!

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Movement To Contact said

I'll have to listen in a few hours when i head home. I'll put it in the car, turn it up loud, and check it out!!

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James Michael Taylor said

Good, chunky guitar sound. Groove.

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Keith Landry said

Great stuff, Brian!

Guest said

Cool,now that is also some seriously good guitar playing.Good arrangement Brian.

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