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Achilles Last Stand Zeppelin GTC Live


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Glenn Murawski said

one of my favorite songs by zepp. well done

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JR James said

That record blew many a set of speakers.....nice cover!

Guest said

Great cover! Love it.

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vaisvil said

This is quite awesome, by far the best tune from that album and performed extremely well here!

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FDR said

Very nice cover!

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Andrew Russe said

This is the one that brought me in. I saw "Achilles Last Stand" on the recently posted and thought "you gotta be kidding me?!!" lol I didn't even realise it was a live recording first time (on the naff PC speakers). FABULOUS version - and now I know you can do those vocals live. Tell the rest of the guys "WOW!" as well :)

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thetworegs said

That bass really pumps it along.....zeppiliacious...

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