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Sleeping in (freedom)


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We decided to give the kids an outlet that wasn’t pandemic or lockdown based this February, and made an album as a family for the RPM Challenge 2021. It was just the most precious, funny, brilliant month.

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Andrew Russe said

Oh MY GOODNESS ... love this album. Well done guys.

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Gary Fox said

This song is incredibly special in so, so many ways. I am sitting here, just's another piece of sheer perfection. Words can't do it justice.

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Keith Landry said

Spectacular album! This is a pretty perfect track as well, and a close second to Supernova to my ear. Great stuff, gang! Those girls have come a long way since the little munchkins I was first aware of years ago!!!

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acoustic57 said

Cool all around. Can't wait to hear more from you folks :)

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Brett Warren said

good work, all... thanks for sharing.

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Mac McIntyre said

There's a Beth Orton hint in there somewhere 🎶

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angie fights crime said

the best, sleep in on Sunday indeed.

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