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Idiot's Delight

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Idiot’s Delight

To me this track sounds like getting lost in a funhouse of mirrors while a jungle drum duet spurs one ever deeper into the heart of the crazy maze. Eventually, just as the urge to give into the encroaching insanity can no longer be denied, one collapses in a heap at the exit overcome with the absurdity of it all.

Or something like that. Your mileage may vary.

This is track eight from our 2014 RPM album, Eleven

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another cultural landslide said

I like fun houses. I like insanity. I love this track! w;-)

Guest said

I'd say the description fits the song to a T!

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kavin. said


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Wildgeas Music said

I once went through a funhouse. The ride jock jumped out of the dark and startled me. I punched him in the chin. Total idiot's delight.